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FRRM Website

* our website is statically build with hugo v0.26 by and hosted on github-pages * the source-code (which is used by hugo to generate the html files) is hosted at * the articles are written in markdown

How to add a new post

* git clone * use a previous post as template

  • all posts are in freiraum-hugo/content/post/
  • if you include images in your post, put them into freiraum-hugo/static/uploads/

* push your commit

  • after the commit travis-ci will check out the new source and apply hugo in order to build the new website
  • after it's build it is pushed to (our default repo for github pages)

* you should say your update after max. 5 minutes

How to add a new event

* use a previous event as template from freiraum-hugo/data/events * the overview of upcoming events is generated once when you travis-ci builts the website, therefore it's necessary to delete old events every one or two weeks